Do you allow fear to make your decisions?  

Does the fear of what others will think, keep you from living your best life?

Does the fear of your past make you feel guilty or ashamed?

Now is the time for Change​! 

One time offer 

One on One fear coaching includes: 4 face to face sessions and one phone session


Fear can be a very debilitating emotion. ​

it leads many of​ us to anxiety and depression

You do not have to live in fear, I can help you learn skills that will remove your fear! you will learn to make decisions!! you will find a faith in a peace of knowing that Fear has not power in your life 


Change your fear base to a Love base

All of our decisions are based from 3 areas 

1. Self

2. Fear 

3. Love

Take some time to learn how to control your base!!

What our customers are saying

Shelly's Wisdom and approach to real life issues helps you work through matters while given you the encouragement you need to continue to make positive forward movements in your life. Her insight and advice has caused a tremendous shift in my ability to reevaluate situations and really look at the root cause of all the symptoms. Shellie is compassionate and genuinely cares about clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone

Nichole C.


Shelly has a heart to help people succeed. She is organized and will always have your best interest in mind! She will hep you reach the next level! I highly recommend her!

Christine D.